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REVIEW Skinfood Honey Rich Body Essence


My love Korean skincare is not new, I've been using Korean skincare products for years and absolutely love them. I think there's never been a Korean product I didn't like, so I decided to adventure myself with bodycare as well and loving the smell of Skinfood's honey line, I ordered their rich body essence to give it a whirl. 

This is lightweight but heavy duty-moisturizer. It absorbs ultra quickly leaving the skin supple and hydrated and smelling deliciously. It does leave a slight stick residue, so I would advise to use this in the winter before bed. It does wonders for my dry skin, this one is nearly empty and I've already ordered a second one as I can't see myself using anything else in my body during winter. 

It comes in a pump bottle and it contains 430ml which makes it last forever and being a great deal in terms of price. 

Have you tried this body essence yet? Any other Korean body products you'd recommend? 

If you wish to give this a try you can find it on ebay with free shipping 
£14/17€/$18 - http://fave.co/2fC0kBK

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